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Papers by Chris and Kerry An annotated list of papers on UX-related topics by Chris and Kerry, including most of our papers that are mentioned in Quantitative User Experience Research. These range from theoretical papers to research findings about specific products. Papers by Chris and Kerry
Templates and career resources for UX Researchers A large compilation of resources for best practices in UX research, finding UX jobs, templates for portfolio reviews and research presentations, mentoring programs, and much more. A great service to the community by Reggie Murphy. Be sure to find the multiple tabs along the bottom of the sheet. Templates and UXR resources (Google Sheets)
UX Research Resources for Beginners Compiled by Simon Taylor. A curated list of books, documents, and web sites discussing primarily qualitative user research methods and jobs. UXR Resources (Google Docs)
Quant UX Blog Chris's blog that accompanies the Quant UX book with additional examples, discussion, and related topics. Always free to read and subscribe. Quant UX Blog
Quant UX Con The largest conference dedicated to Quant UX research and the Quant UX Community. Occurs each year in the late Spring or early Summer. Online and available worldwide, with low cost attendance options. Quant UX Con
Quant UX Association Resources Recommendended sites and articles from the organizers of Quant UX Con, including past Proceedings of Quant UX Con. Quant UX Con Resources