Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book written for?

We wrote with the following readers in mind:

  • UX Researchers who wish to develop skills in Quant UX, or switch to a Quant UX role
  • Current Quant UX researchers looking for example projects or career advice
  • Data scientists working with UX teams or considering a move to UX
  • Students, academics, and faculty who want to understand the approaches and necessary skills for Quant UX
  • UX managers who wish to build, develop, or understand the Quant UX research role
  • Anyone applying or interviewing for Quant UX positions

What is unique about the book?

It is a complete overview of Quant UX and focuses on the day to day realities of Quant UX practice. It defines the skills that are needed and places them into context with example projects and discussion of organizations and careers.

The book does not repeat basic instruction on programming or statistics. Rather, it outlines and builds on those foundations to describe the unique aspects of Quant UX and how to succeed in quant UX projects and roles.

Technical chapters present detailed discussion and R code (where appropriate) of product log sequence analysis; customer satisfaction surveys; the HEART framework for UX metrics; and MaxDiff choice surveys.

I try a command from the book in R and I get "Error: could not find function ...". What's up?

That means either the command is mistyped, or more likely you need to load a library that enables it.

Check your typing, and if that doesn't fix it, look back through the chapter for a library() command that you might have missed. To search installed R libraries on your system to see which one has the command, you can also use "??".

I’m an instructor and considering using The Definitive Guide to Quantitative User Experience Research in a class. Are there exercises and course materials available?

Stay tuned for more!