Chris Chapman & Kerry Rodden

Quantitative User Experience Research:
Informing Product Decisions by Understanding Users at Scale

Quantitative User Experience Research is forthcoming from Apress, June 2023.
It is a complete guide to the role of Quantitative User Experience Research in the technology industry. Order a copy here!

Book cover

This site contains the accompanying .R code files; example data files; and any other updates and errata.

Table of Contents

Part I: User Experience and Quant UX
Chapter 1. Getting Started
Chapter 2. User Experience and UX Research
Chapter 3. Quantitative UX Research: Overview

Part II: Core Skills
Chapter 4. UX Research
Chapter 5. Statistics
Chapter 6. Programming

Part III: Tools and Techniques
Chapter 7. Metrics of User Experience
Chapter 8. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Chapter 9. Log Sequence Visualization
Chapter 10. MaxDiff: Prioritizing Features and User Needs

Part IV: Organizations and Careers
Chapter 11. UX Organizations
Chapter 12. Interviews and Job Postings
Chapter 13. Research Processes, Reporting, and Stakeholders
Chapter 14. Career Development for Quant UX Researchers
Chapter 15. Future Directions for Quant UX

Appendix A. Example Quant UX Job Posting
Appendix B. Example Quant UX Hiring Rubrics
Appendix C. References

Recent Updates

Date Announcement
May 24, 2023 Updated with Resources for UX templates, job search materials, and links to Chris's and Kerry's publications.
February 27, 2023 Now available to pre-order at Amazon: Quantitative User Experience Research.